Reupholstery Redo

It was time I gave the dining room a facelift.  Instead of the typical “paint and new furniture” take on a room makeover, my mom and I decided to go a different route.  We rearranged the furniture, hung new artwork, and I reupholstered the table chairs.  My parents have had the same dining room set since they were married (we’re talking 30 years here).  The set is a great piece of quality furniture, but it needed a little lovin’.  I’ve never reupholstered before, so this was a very “lets see what happens” type of project.  As it turned out, the whole project was quite simple once I got the hang of everything.

  • First I unscrewed all of the seats from the chair frame and then ripped off the old fabric
  • Once the chairs were taken apart, I cut the new fabric to fit the chair, giving myself about three inches of extra fabric on all four sides of the chair
  • Next came the staple gun-my new favorite power tool.  I stretched the fabric as tight as I could across the seat and stapled the fabric in the middle on each side to secret it in place
  • I worked towards each of the ends of the seat, using staples quite frequently
  • Once the fabric was secured tightly to the seat, I screwed the bottoms back on to the chair frames
  • Done!

It was so cool to see the transformation of the dining room with such simple upgrades.  For less than $100, my mom and me gave the dining room a completely new look. just in time for the holidays.


taylor purple

“You had me crawlin’ for you honey, and I never would have gone away, you used to shine so bright but I watched all of it fade”

No Place Like Home

If you know me, you know I love sunglasses.  Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to express yourself.  They’re your best friend when you don’t feel like wearing any makeup, or when you wake up the next morning and have had too much to drink.  But most importantly, sunglasses are there to hide you when you don’t feel like talking to anyone.  I buy sunglasses anywhere I go…some are from gas stations, some vintage, and some that cost more than a pair of jeans.

I made a home for my babies so they no longer suffocated in a shoebox.  First, I covered the backing of an old frame with fabric; the one I picked matched the color scheme of my bedroom.  Next, I hot-glued three pieces of cord across the backing to make a clothesline for the sunglasses.  Pop the backing into the frame, hang up your shades, and viola! not only do you have a perfect storage unit for your sunglasses, but a piece of art that adds interest to any room.



Twerk Team


Before you judge me for reviewing Miley Cyrus’ album, let me just say- it surprised me too. Miley released her album on October 4th, and you better believe I was at Target that morning to pick up my own deluxe edition.  Flashback a few weeks earlier and there we were at the VMAs gawking at her and Robin Thicke on stage.  Can I say I loved that performance? I loved that performance.  She was actin’ a fool and didn’t care about anything else.  It was a mess and it was beautiful. I’m on your team, MileyBird.

1. Adore You- Smart choice for the first song on the album.  Miley sounds like an angel, but more like a damaged angel.  Does that make sense?  Her voice is angelic but still has that perfect raspy sound.  The song is slower, and probably nothing you would expect.  Take that, HATERZ.

2. We Can’t Stop- I believe this song is Miley’s way of telling everyone she honestly doesn’t care what you’re thinking, honestly.

3. SMS (Bangerz) ft. Britney Spears- This is the song that I would want to play when I walk down the street while everyone looks in my direction. It’s sassy and BA and gives a boost of inner confidence. 

4. 4×4 ft Nelly- I’m just going to let this track speak as Nelly’s redemption for that poor Honey Nut Cheerios commercial.

5. My Darlin’- Remake(ish) of the classic “Stand By Me.”  One of my favorite songs on the album.

6. Wrecking Ball- Quit making fun of her for that video. She was sad and hurt and I know how that feels.  THOSE FEELINGS WERE REAL.  All white underwear and wife beaters aside, this is an outstanding power ballad.

7. Love Money Party- Should be played at college parties everywhere.  I’m not in college anymore. Sigh.

8. #GETITRIGHT- This is probably one of my least favorite songs on the album.  It reminds me of clowns and inspires me to dance really ridiculously.

9.  Drive- You told me that you wanted this/I told you it was all yours, If you’re done with it/Then what you say forever for?” Is all I have to say about that song.

10. FU- A song every girl needs to listen to.  FU boys, FU. Liam, is this about you?

11. Do My Thang- I don’t support her spelling of “thang,” however,  power to ya, Miles, you are DEFINITELY doin your thing.

12. Maybe You’re Right- Another one of my favorites.  The song builds throughout the track and her vocals are INSANE.

13. Someone Else- A perfect closer to the album.  Sums up the new Miley, comin’ atcha.

Bangerz as an album has everything an album should have: the sad songs, but the happy ones too, the songs about how pissed you are after a breakup, but the songs about how much better off you are now.  The song that literally says “F-U” and the song that gives you inner confidence.  There’s only one thing I wish Miley had done with this album: let it speak for itself.  She sounds amazing and showcases her talent in each song.  I think if Miley would have stayed clear of controversy in the weeks before she released her album, less people would have judged her in such a negative way and taken the album more seriously.

Kale Me Maybe

I made kale chips and I can’t get enough of them.

Has anyone noticed America’s new obsession with kale? Most health nuts, celebs, and fitness experts have been talking about how great and healthy this vegetable is, so I had to see what all of the hype was about. Kale has been used in anything from smoothies to salads. Here’s how I went about trying it myself:

1. Purchase kale (obviously)
2. Chop the kale into pieces, about the size of your palm. Make sure you toss all of the stems away! They are disgusting, bitter, and not pleasant to accidentally eat. Rinse off the remaining leafy pieces.
3. Lay out the kale on a towel to let it dry. I’ve learned if you bake the kale even when it’s a little wet, it becomes soggy in the oven.
4. Spread the kale out on a baking pan; toss in some olive oil. Season however you like-I only use salt, pepper, and a little bit of garlic powder. Simple and not overpowering.
5. Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes, flipping occasionally. Enjoy!

Once the kale is cooked it shrinks a lot but turns into a perfect airy crisp. Don’t be afraid to indulge in the whole batch at one time- it’s easy to do and I’m guilty of doing it more than once.


“Oh I, would just die, if you ever took your love away”

Two words: Gaslight Anthem.  I admittedly used to listen to all mainstream music when I was in high school.  If it was on the radio, I liked the song, because everyone else liked it and, I mean I just had to like it because I had to fit in.  Thankfully, my brother was not the same.  He found bands that nobody knew about, that didn’t sell a lot of albums, and rarely had a song played on the radio.  His music taste started to rub off on me and then “his” music became “my” music.  It’s music with heart, with meaning.  It’s the type of music  you can listen to and actually hear the pain in the singer’s voice, the kind of music that changes you.  It’s the kind of music you can relate to deeper than a Taylor Swift song.  Swift tells you she had her heart broken; Gaslight Anthem makes you understand how much it hurt.

On September 13th my brother and I finally had our first dream come true- front row, touching the stage, at The Gaslight Anthem concert.  It was one of those nights you will remember every detail- from the set list to the annoying girls standing behind you, from the outfit your wore to how bad your feet hurt at the end of the night.  It is so hard to comprehend the feeling of being ten feet away from your favorite band screaming the lyrics to your favorite songs on the top of your lungs right there with them, but it is a feeling I pray will never go away

I ombre’d my own hair

As a redhead, the thought of dying my hair never really crosses my mind.  I love my hair and would never want to change it.  However, if I didn’t have red hair, I’d be one of those people that dye it all the time.  Bored on a Saturday afternoon, I decided to push the envelope and ombre my hair…I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid.

mermaid hair 2